Wednesday, September 1, 2010

And a Bonus...

For some reason, I’m just having a really great day today.  I woke up singing “It’s a great day to be alive…" (I think it’s Travis Tritt) and I honestly haven’t felt happy to be alive in over a year.  Yay!  Here are some things that totally make me smile today:

My dog, who we had fixed very early, pees like a sissy and occasionally will decide to lift a leg.  Today it was his front left.

I sold the shop one year ago today, or yesterday.  As I said, I was under water so I can’t remember exactly which.  Either way, I am incredibly grateful for the new owner, to still be working there, and for the whole situation in general.  I have not regretted it, not even once, not even for a minute.  (Cue Aretha Franklin:  FREEDOM, FREEDOM, FREEDOM, OH FREEDOM!)

It’s a beautiful day outside, sunny and warm, but there’s this coolness to it, a crisp hint of fall in the air that is so delightful.

My house finally cooled down enough last night that I was able to take a bath, which I always say is my therapy, and I usually do this ritual daily, but had been unable to for several months due to the temperature in my house.  It feels good to be back.

I have on my new True Religion jeans.  I feel very skinny in them.

I found a parking spot in the shade.  In a black car this is a very big deal.

On my way to the grocery store I saw the most awesome mustache.  He looked like Jefe from Three Amigos.

Mostly I just feel like the “clouds” have somewhat parted for today and I’m enjoying it!


  1. Hurray! And I love the idea that the one leg your dog lifts has no bearing on his peeing. That's hysterical.

    I'm working up a reply to your email and a blog post of my own. It's been alternately really busy or maddening around here. I need to get my head on straight because THAT is when I'm funny. When I'm just maddening, I come across as very whiny.

    I know, it's hard to believe. Me? WHINY?!

    I learned it from my five-year-old.

  2. Go Arthur! Would you say you have a 'plethora' of things that made you smile today? :-)