Friday, May 31, 2013

I have fun!

I feel the need to remind myself of this (that I have fun), as I have a tendency to be more on the discouraged side these days.

Last weekend for Memorial Day, I stayed in town (I’m not so much the camping type) and did lots of fun activities.  I made sure that I documented it on Instagram, so that I could look back and remember what fun I had had. 

I started my weekend with lunch with one of my favorite new friends.

Then Ellie and I went to see Iron Man 3.  Popcorn for dinner?  Yes, please.

On Saturday, I worked in my yard (and got a sunburn).  Then, I met some friends at my mom’s house, because they have a goldendoodle that’s a week older than hers!  Arthur mostly loved it.  These are some of my favorite people in the whole world, so I totally loved it.

On Sunday, I went to brunch, went home for a nap, then went to see my favorite new band, Dawes, play at the Gothic (which is incidentally, a tiny venue a few blocks from my house).  It was an amazing show, and, I think they’re on the brink of getting really big, and it’s going to be so fun someday to say, “Yeah, the first time I saw them was at the Gothic.”

On Monday, Mom and Dad and I drove Nellybelle  (my new CRV) down to Colorado Springs to hang out with my brother’s fam for my nephew’s birthday.  It was nice to see how she did on the highway (it’s embarrassing how much I love this car).  The birthday party was awesome.  It’s so fun to be near the little guys for events like this.  And, as icing on the cake to my weekend, my score was the new top score in Whackamole.  Suckers!