Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ugg Boots, Comfy Sweaters and Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Usually, when September hits, I feel this immense sense of relief.  I feel like I can say, “Suck it, August.  We’re through for another year.”  But this year has not quite felt that way.  I’m a bit discouraged.  I feel a bit down, like August still has its power over me, or something.

I’m just kind of blue. 

But, the weather has finally started to cooperate here in Denver.  We’ve had a few days of true autumn type weather around these parts, and it’s getting my head in a better space.

I got my Ugg boots out.  I’m wearing my favorite Free People long sweater.  It’s rainy and cloudy (not quite what you would expect to be just the ticket to cheer me up, right?) and I’ve been listening to Neil Young and Jackson Browne  and other fall favorites (not sure why Fall=classic rock).

I fell in love in autumn.  I find that I feel nostalgia for my husband in a whole new way this time of year.  Even though this time of year makes me miss him more, it gets me out of the trauma space in my head a bit, and that feels like a welcome respite.

So, I raise my Pumpkin Spice Latte and say, “Welcome, Fall.  I’m so glad you’ve come.”

I posted this on Instagram yesterday, saying, "Hello, old friends."


  1. About the only thing I like about fall is the pumpkin spiced lattes. So I'm sending you my share of autumn.

    Those boots look super comfortable and practical.

    1. @Jean, It's funny, people rarely describe my footware as "comfortable and practical." I guess I'm officially in my thirties. :)

  2. Those boots do look comfy! I hope fall brings encouragement and joy for you this year.