Wednesday, August 1, 2012

One Lucky Girl

Here we are, past the all-star break, and I still haven’t officially picked a Pretend Rockies Boyfriend.  I really like the new guy, Josh Rutledge.  He’s pretty cute.  He’s tearing it up this year, too (a bright spot in a pretty bleak year for Rockies fans).  But, I’m always a sucker for the outfielders.  So, Cargo’s a pretty good choice.  I figure, it’s just pretend, so I can pretend “play the field” so to speak with a Pretend Rockies Boyfriend, right?

On Sunday, we were at Coors Field for another event, but it happened to be Fan Day.  We walked down onto the field and Cargo was right there, so we grabbed a photo.  He’s even cuter in real life.

With my "boyfriend" and my "Pretend Rockies Boyfriend"

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