Sunday, January 20, 2013

I heart Seattle

I was in Seattle for less than 48 hours.  The wedding was the purpose of the trip, but, while I was there I got to spend the morning before the wedding just enjoying a bit of the culture and rare time with my girlfriend, Sara (with no need for an “h”).

Fabulous hats we found at the market.

Latte & Chocolate.  Breakfast of champions.
We had an amazing cup of coffee and pan au chocolate at Le Panier right across from Pike Place Market.  This place was recommended to me by Cori, my oldest sister, the world traveler, who can remember the name of every coffee shop that had an amazing cup of coffee and pastry in every city she’s been in all over the world (that’s quite a feat when you know how many cities she’s been to).  It’s a gift.  Or a superpower.

At the market, we watched the guys throw fish.  I thought about asking them to let me catch one but then I got sicked out by the fish eyeballs that were sitting there on ice at the booth and thought better of it.

The famous piggy bank.  Arthur was scared of it.
It was a chilly morning, but totally sunny (something rare for Seattle, I’m told) and so I needed more coffee to warm up.  I walked into a Starbucks and it happened to be the first Starbucks ever.  I guiltily admit that Starbucks is one of my favorite things (I feel bad for passionately loving a corporation) so it was fun to see where it all began, especially by accident!

Arthur and I had to head back to Denver the day after the wedding, but we had just enough time before our flight the next day to walk the four blocks from our hotel to the flagship of another of my guilty pleasures…the first Nordstrom store.  Two of my favorite things began in the same city!

The traveling dog at the airport.
After our whirlwind weekend, or probably more from recycled air on the airplane, we both have been a little under the weather.  I swear I can’t get on an airplane without getting sick anymore.  But, we had fun and it was worth it.

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