Friday, May 6, 2011

Today's "Happy List" (I'm calling it that because I still can't think of a clever name for these posts)

Here’s what’s making me happy today:

*  Arthur and I went on a 2.4-mile walk yesterday around our new neighborhood.  We’re only a couple of blocks from Harvard Gulch Park, which has a cool little creek and a small par 3 golf course.  I got appreciative glances from the golfers even though my legs are so white they’re blue, but my little walking skirt must have done the trick anyway!

*  My mom took me to the Botanic Gardens plant sale today.  I got some succulents for my backyard, and a “desert holly” bush that looks like it will be really cool, so I’m excited!  I also got some herbs for a planter, so the yard work has begun!

*  After the plant sale we went through the Sonic drive-through, which is 1.5 blocks from my house for Diet Dr. Pepper.  I love having Sonic so close!  They have the best ice.
The succulents and herbs.  The big one is an agave.  The garden guy laughed when I said I was going to make my own tequila.  There's also basil that's red.  I hope it tastes good 'cuz it's gonna LOOK beautiful in food.
A close-up of the desert holly.  It has dainty little leaves.

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