Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Grass...and other stuff

See that little guy in the middle?  I named him Wes.  I think it's good for nurturing.

I have some grass!  (I think that could sound bad…especially when I’m this excited about it).  I have a few little sprouts coming up.  I’m not sure if you can really see them, but this is their first school picture.  I’m a proud mama. 

Here’s the sort of sad dirt that is my front yard.  It’s lots better than the backyard, though, so, I’ve decided to start here for this year and worry about the backyard next year.
This is the before picture.  Hopefully by August I'll have something really awesome to show off.

Also, wanna know how creative I am?  I actually know how to sew.  But I have no sewing machine, and my mom doesn’t have one because she wouldn’t be caught dead sewing on a button.  So I had to come up with plan b for curtains.  I tried and tried to buy small curtains for my bathroom, and after looking at every home store/box store/ross and tjmaxx and every place on-line that I could think of and coming up with exactly zero options (not even something that I wasn’t willing to spend a million dollars on, literally what I wanted didn’t exist), I bought these cloth napkins at Anthropologie and put hooks on them from Target and voila! I have curtains in my bathroom!  And I only spent $17 total ($6 each napkin and $5 for the hooks).  And they look much better than something I could have sewn with my 8th grade home ec education (Thanks anyway, Mrs. Stolberg).
The window with the cute curtain...
a close up so you can actually see the pattern and the piping.  I'm not so much a good photographer, it would seem.

In other news, I finally came clean to my baby sister last night about not liking musicals.  I just can’t quite get there in my “willing suspension of disbelief.”  It just takes it a bit too far.  This is why I have never seen, for instance, Wicked.  I watch the Sound of Music for nostalgic purposes, but it always makes me wish I could roll my eyes all the way back in my head:

Man:  Baby, I love you.
Woman:  I love you, too.
(music comes up)
Man:  Oh, that’s excellent news.  Hey, I’ve been practicing this song with the harmony for precisely this moment!
Woman:  OMG!  I know that song!  I’ll sing the melody!  We’re a match made in heaven!

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