Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The long weekend

I had a busy weekend!  No time to post on the blog!

I worked last Friday to make up for not working on Saturday.  I’ve learned over the many years of being a hairstylist that I can book the snot out of a Saturday on a three day weekend, but when I call to make confirmations the day before, half the clients will be all “Oh, was that tomorrow?  I’m in San Diego.  I can’t make it.”  So I’ll still be working but half of my day (usually out of the middle, so I’m sitting around) cancels.  So I just take a three day weekend myself.

I spent my Saturday doing two things completely out of character.  I got up early and went to garage sales.  I did research on Craigslist before hand, and chose several that I wanted to go to that had yard tools and a few things that I was looking for for my house.  It ended up being mostly fruitless, but still fun.  At the last place I went to, though, I found a window AC unit for my bedroom for $15, and that was on my list (they’re at least $150 new) and I checked it to make sure it worked before I left so I’m stoked!  Then I did yard work (this time with no wardrobe malfunctions…phew), and then went out with friends.  I packed more into my Saturday then I typically do in a whole week!  I was making the best of my weekend, for sure!

On Sunday I helped my mom put stuff back in her new kitchen (they’re doing a major remodel), then went to…pick up my family from London!  They’re back folks!  I’m so excited!

Monday was spent in the mayhem that comes with a family of five around and getting settled back in the states.  Their oldest even had his first little league game. 

It was a great, action-packed weekend.

Won't be long before they need their first haircut! (this is the exact spot as the picture in the previous post, by the way)
Also, here’s an update on Wes (what I’ve named my cute little grass):  It’s coming in great!  I have little 1-inch shoots all over!  

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