Monday, June 6, 2011

Beyond my wildest dreams...

Friday night was epic. 

I was so excited that I was having a hard time managing my expectations.  The evening that I had far exceeded them.

We ended up sitting in General Admission seats even though we had assigned seating (because they’re better and no one checks or really cares, but still, don’t tell) and this meant that we all got to sit together: all my friends that had come and my sisters and brother in law and their friends that they came with.  Dispatch played nearly everything that we wanted them to play and they sounded great.

I’ve been holding out on you.  I am actually friends with one of the band members (I became friends after I was a fan, but have been friends with him for nearly a decade), so this show was actually a little more for me then just seeing my favorite band play at Red Rocks, it was also getting to see a dream come true for one of my dear friends.  When they took the stage I turned around and could see his parents, and the look of pride on their face, and later I got to see his sister and as she was watching she grabbed my arm and said, “Can you believe that’s
[My baby brother] out there?”  I also, because of his generosity, got to have a backstage pass, and got to see a little of the show from behind the scenes.  It was Just. So.  Fun. 

Best.  Concert.  Ever.

The view from backstage.

Backstage with my Bestie.

My friend Rick who came all the way from Seattle for the show...

Cori and Scott

Me and my girls (Cori and I have on the nerdy shwag glasses from backstage).

The dirty hippies in front of us smelled so bad I had to dance with my fingers in my nose....


  1. Epic night... terrible pic of me... xo

  2. @cold...I like it. I think you're beautiful.