Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy Birthday, Arthur!

Arthur turned three this week!  We were going to celebrate with an ice cream cone, but he literally puked on the way there, so I thought ice cream wouldn’t be such a good idea (I actually give him frozen yogurt that’s egg-less and is no problem for his high maintenance tummy on a good day, so it’s usually ok…).  Maybe we’ll do it later this week (he doesn’t really know when his real birthday is, after all).

Happy Birthday, Arthur!  And thanks for being my little sidekick.

The day we got Arthur.  Have you ever seen a puppy with bigger ears?

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  1. In the ice cream section of the frozen food aisle there is an item called "frosty paws". It is a little cup of doggy ice cream. We get them for Honey. She has a weak stomach but hasn't ever had a problem with them.