Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Happy Summer Toes

I posted a photo of my toes on Facebook last night and I got such a response that I decided to share my secret with all of you. 

I had bought these nail decals at Target for $8.99.  They said they were for fingers but I thought I’d try them on my toes.  I removed my old nail polish, trimmed my nails, and used the decals according to the instructions.  Once I did one nail, I realized that I could cut them and get more toes done with one decal (I was able to use one decal for three toes except for the big toe).  It took me about 20 minutes, which is longer than normal nail polish would take, but not too bad.  I bet it won't take as long next time (as this was my first time using them).  Also, there was no drying time, so overall, it was probably a wash.  Happy Pedicure-ing!

It comes with all of the tools in it that you'll need for applying the polish strips.
The other additional things you'll need.  Polish remover, cotton pads, and clippers (yes, that's my favorite pair of nail clippers that are a souvenir from Garden of the Gods). 

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