Friday, June 24, 2011

Arthur Hollywood

The stretch limo pulls up to the curb, and out steps Arthur to a burst of flashbulbs.  People are screaming his name from every direction, he turns, waves at his adoring fans.  The bodyguards hold back the crowd, but it’s ok, he greets a few, lets them pet him, gets a scratch or two behind the ears.  He walks on his leash into the building.

He throws a bit of a fit about his food, as if to say,  “Umm, I prefer the greek plain yogurt on my food, thanks.”

Other than that he’s a perfect gentleman about doing his lines, being photographed.  He enjoys all of the extra pets and attention, the new friends, the “craft service” water bowls, the fluffy bed.  He likes sitting in nice new friend’s laps.  He tries to make his mom look silly trying to keep him focused (rolls his eyes…she’s such a showbiz mom).

He ends the day in his “trailer”, relaxing on the comfy new bed (which he made himself right at home on).  All of these cameras and lights have cut into his napping schedule.

In his "trailer." Really it's just the room downstairs...
(This is my fictional rendition, I promised to wait to tell the real story until our trainer posted her blog.  Plus, I’m hoping to have photos.  But Arthur is, indeed, a moviestar.  Stay tuned.)

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