Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I feel officially nerdy.

I got a sewing machine.  It’s actually still in its box, as it was delivered Monday afternoon and I have been uber busy (getting tax stuff together for my accountant, working, being with friends, you know, first world problems).

I have been pinning on Pinterest.  For those of you who don’t know what Pinterest is, it’s the best thing ever.  It’s a site where you see pictures of everything from home decorating ideas, to DIY projects, to craft stuff, to recipes, to clothing styles, to vacation spots.  When you like something, you “pin” it.  You choose friends, kind of like Facebook, and get to see what they have pinned.  It’s like the best magazine ever.  A friend calls it “crafter’s porn” but it’s really so much more than that.

I keep finding things that I want to make.  It makes me feel sort of dorky. 

Here’s why.  My mom, whom I love, was super-crafty when I was a kid.  In the 80’s, we had a house that was decked out in the then-very-fashionable country-chic.  There was not a dusty blue plaid that she didn’t love.  There was not a goose in the land that didn’t get hung on our wall with a scarf around it’s neck.  There was not a couch without a lace doily hung over the back.  She was the wallpaper queen, she had all the tools and she and other ladies would get together and hang wallpaper at each other’s houses.  She was really good at it.

You know, sort of like this.

Whenever I make fun of our décor, my dad will defend her, and say, “You think you’re exempt.  You think you’re never gonna look back and think anything you liked is dated?”

And I emphatically say that I do not think I’m exempt.  I’m going to look back at this particular era of my life and be like, “Holy cow, it was like somebody puked Damask print all over that house.”  But I can't help it, I love it.  She knows I’m only teasing, anyway.  She has excellent taste.  And now that wallpaper is back in fashion I may have her come hang Damask print wallpaper in my living room.

But I digress.

My point is, I was thinking that craft stuff and sewing was so 80’s.  I’ve suddenly realized that it’s not an “80’s thing” at all, but rather maybe it’s more of a “women in their 30’s thing” or maybe I’ve just had a weird hang up about it and I no longer do.

I’m embracing my nerdiness.  I’m embracing my craftiness.  I’m not going to make geese, but I am going to learn to sew.  I’m stoked.


  1. So what does that make me? I can't wait to sew with you!! It'll be sew much fun!!

  2. @Chrissy, when you say "sew much fun" that makes you a nerd, too, but for other reasons. xo

  3. I will take a damask crib sheet. Thanks!

  4. Yay nerdy craftyness. Welcome to the club.