Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Opening Day, the Report

I had a great time at Opening Day, even though the Rockies lost (7-0 yikes). 

I saw lots of “local celebrities” and did lots of people watching.  I bumped into a few friends, and several texted and we met up for quick hugs and “Go Rockies!” before the game.

I only cried a little.  I keep concentrating on the fact that I loved baseball before I loved Sawan, so even though baseball makes me miss him, I choose to continue to enjoy it.  I kept having the thought that 50 years from now I wanted to remember that I was there with my Dad, who is probably my favorite person to watch baseball with.  Even though this isn’t the way that I thought my life would go, these are the best circumstances, now, that I could be in, and in the moment I want to enjoy it, not be wishing my life away because I miss my husband.

This season Coors Field had made some upgrades to the scoreboard; I can’t quite say that they were improvements.  There’s so much going on that I find it hard to read.

There were also new cans/bottles for the Coors light that they sell when the Beer Man comes around.  This, however, I can say was an improvement.  It was like an aluminum bottle.  It was a can/bottle hybrid.  A ban.  Or a cottle.  It stayed colder than the old plastic bottles, and had a wider opening.  They were pretty cool. 

Still no decision on the Pretend Rockies Boyfriend.  I did see Dinger, though, and he kissed me on the cheek.

So altogether, it was a fun day.  I’ll count that as a win!
With Mom and Dad in the front office.  Right as we were taking this picture the Governor walked through the lobby.  He didn't mention why he hadn't called me to have me cut his hair.

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