Monday, April 9, 2012

Opening Day!

I am really looking forward to baseball starting.

Today is the day!  It’s finally here!

Sawan and I always called Opening Day “Christmas” and bought each other a present (I know, nerdy), and I have continued the tradition by buying myself my own present.  I bought a hoodie from the Victoria Secret Pink MLB collection (Finally, they’re starting to realize that women are sports fans, too!  Dream job #2, if I couldn’t be a hairstylist, would be to design women’s fan apparel.  For real.).

As today has approached, I’ve felt slightly nervous about it, I feel the way I feel about any holiday: excited that it’s coming, determined to have a good time, and sad that he won’t be there to enjoy it with me.  My goal for this season is to be able to sing “Take me out to the ball game,” even if I cry.  I might not try for it on Opening Day, but this season, baby.  I can do this.

The first game Sawan and I went to together was Opening Day 2006.  We sat in the Pavillion, the seats that are in the outfield, just below the scoreboard, and I cheered extra loud for my favorite player, Matt Holiday.  He asked if he was my “pretend Rockies boyfriend.”  (“Yes,” was the answer.)  The term stuck, and every year my sisters and I would choose our Pretend Rockies Boyfriend. 

When Matt got traded, I changed to Ryan Spillbourghs.  He just got traded in the off-season, so now I have to choose another one.  I’m not sure who I’ll choose this year, as our roster reminds me a lot of the line-up from the movie Major League.  We’ve got to be the laughing stock of Major League Baseball, with the world’s oldest pitcher making the team.  I should just choose Dinger (that’s our mascot, the dinosaur, for my non-Denver readers), probably.  Hopefully he’ll never get traded.  But then, he doesn’t play outfield, and clearly I have a soft spot for the outfielders.

So, I’ll keep you posted on what I decide.

Ellie and I on Opening Day last year.

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