Friday, November 5, 2010

The Corn Maze

A couple of weeks ago, Ellie and I were supposed to have a date to go see a movie.  But instead of the movie, it was such a beautiful day; I decided that I would try to talk her into going to the Corn Maze at Chatfield.

I had friends that had been doing this for years, but they always got their group together on a Saturday and I’ve worked nearly every Saturday of my adult life, so I never got to go.  It became a mental block for me.

I had always wanted to go to one, but finally came to the conclusion that that was something that you did on Saturdays with your family and another family, maybe.  I had literally had the thought, when Sawan and I were under contract to sell the shop, “Maybe this fall we can finally go to the corn maze.  We won’t have our own baby yet, but maybe I’ll be pregnant and that will count and I won’t be working on a Saturday.”  Well, it didn’t quite work out that way.

These are the things that I’m learning.  I can still do fun stuff like corn mazes even if it doesn’t fit into the category that I originally thought that it would.  I went with my sister.  No kids.  Not pregnant.  Just me and Ellie, and Arthur.

Luckily, he got to go, because he’s a service dog.  There was a sign that read “NO PETS” at the gate, but he’s not a pet, he’s a service dog.  So I wasn’t worried about it.  He had his vest on, and his license was in his pocket.  The man at the gate said “Um, no pets.”   (The “You, idiot, didn’t you see the sign?”  was implied.)  I said, “He’s not a pet.  He’s a service dog.”  He laughed.  Then, realizing I was serious and unwilling to back down, said, chuckling, “He’s awfully small to be a service dog.  What’s he servicing?”  I told him it was none of his business and walked right past.  This was my first experience with someone being downright rude about the service dog thing, so I was just authoritative back and it all worked out.
Me and the bloodhound

I’m actually not quite sure what all the fuss is about with corn mazes.  You intentionally have to get lost, and then find your way back to the same spot.  (It would make more sense to me if you ended up at a different place then where you started…)  There has to be a metaphor for life in there somewhere.

Arthur was quite well behaved, and I think having the blood hound with us made it so that we were only in there about an hour rather than the 4 hours we could have been given that it was my first time and Ellie has no sense of direction (Hi, Ellie!  It’s OK; you’re really good at other stuff!).  Ok, he was no help at all; he mostly wanted to eat the pieces of Kettle Corn that people had dropped. 

Overall, it was a grand adventure, and we had fun.
Ellie and I in the corn maze


  1. At all kinds of castles here they advertise that it has a maze. I'm always like, "What's the big deal?" I actually HATE mazes. You're trapped inside, you can't see above the hedges, and people are like, "oh, you're lost?" like they're not! I will go in mazes with Bridger and Caid on occasion though. They think it's hilarious to run pell mell through and insist (well Caid does) that they know EXACTLY where they're going. If I have a choice though? Generally it's not no--hell no!

  2. I recently got completely lost in a corn maze... while chaperoning a group of four kindergarteners. I apparently have no sense of direction either. :)