Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Memory Quilt Update:

Denise, the friend who is making my memory quilt, sent me this photo of one of the squares and I had to pass it along.  In the center:  the beige is from a fishing shirt (they make special shirts for fly-fishing), the weirdo blue is from this short sleeved shirt that he must have loved but I hated so he quit wearing it but still had it.  The green and white plaid is from one of his very favorites that had pearl snaps on it.  The Blue and white striped is the one he wore for our engagement photos.  The aloha flowers were from one of his date-night staples.  The purple plaid was his favorite work shirt at Ocean, he wore it with a purple tie and called it his Rockies suit.  It looks much more beautiful than I was even imagining.  I’m so excited.

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  1. What a lovely idea and I love how this looks!....You communicate so well and it's been bittersweet reading your blog archives, having lost my mom and relating to much of what you say about your loss. I'm sorry you've had to walk this difficult path. Thank you for writing, though. It's been therapeutic for me.