Monday, December 27, 2010


I survived.  I made it.  I even…are you ready for this?  Had FUN!

I hung out with my folks and my sis.  I was totally bracing myself for the worst.  Christmas Eve was, actually quite difficult.  I hate sitting down to dinner and having it be so in my face that not everyone who is supposed to be there is there.  Luckily, it was short lived (and the food was delicious) because we were headed to church.

Actually, we were headed to a comedy club.  That’s where the sort-of church-ish group that I’ve been apart of for about a year was having their Christmas Eve service because they don’t have a church building.  I love this about them.  There’s nothing very traditional.

On Christmas morning I woke up and cried quite a bit.  Mornings are always hard.  No one to snuggle.  I miss him so much.  So I didn’t stay in bed.  It makes it worse.  I got up, and got to have a cup of coffee that I didn’t make (and my dad makes great coffee!).  Soon after, everyone else was up and we opened presents.  I was so blessed by gifts that I got.  And, I had gotten small gifts for others even though in my family we draw names and none of the people I was with had my name or I had theirs, so we were all “cheating.”

After our rough morning of drinking coffee and opening presents, we all thought naps were in order.

We got up in time to go to a movie in the evening.  There’s a new theater here in town that has a restaurant in it, and if you buy seats in the balcony then they wait on you before the movie starts.  These kinds of theaters have popped up around town.  The very first one we called “the Good Theater” and then it got shortened to “the Good” (What’s showing at the Good?  If it’s not there then I don’t wanna see it.”).  After eating at this one, we’ve decided that it’s “the Better.”  I had tempura battered chicken fingers, like the ones they used to have at the Red Robin in Billings.  It’s the only place that I’ve ever had them, and so I haven’t had the pleasure of eating this particular delight in 12 years.  They tasted so similar at “the Better” that I felt like I had gone back in time.  It was fantastic!  We saw “the King’s Speech.”  I highly recommend it.  It was amazing.  Such a great story, really a beautiful film.  Did I say that Ingrid met us at the movie?  When Grid's there, it's always a party.

What a relief to have braced myself for torture and instead have some pain, but mostly fun.   Plus, one more holiday under my belt.  Phew.

Silliness at the movie theater with Ellie and Ingrid

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  1. Anticipation can be far worse than a day itself. I am glad that your Christmas was salvaged through kind family, good coffee, and well-thought-out gifts. Love you!