Friday, December 10, 2010

My England Adventure: Odds and Ends

Or “bits and bobs” as the Brits say.
Snow covered berries in Cori's garden.  With snow thorns.  Beautiful.

Bridger corrects me on my spelling and grammar (He likes to look over my shoulder when I’m posting, either on the blog or on Facebook.).  He doesn’t know that I have my laptop, Mrs. Jones, to do that for me (she’s a snotty English teacher that’s always correcting me on spelling and grammar, that’s why I named her Mrs. Jones.  Apparently I had misspelled “hilarious” for my WHOLE life.).  Plus, Bridger, you’re eight.  And you’re not the boss of me.  And where I come from, it’s called a period, not a “full stop.”  So there.

I think Cori has a mission in life.  We’ll call it “Operation:  Feed Widows.”  My friend Erin (also a widow) went to visit the Anderbergs this summer and Cori said that she would say “Wow, I’ve eaten every meal today.”  You see, widows don’t eat.  Or something.  At least, it’s an issue for me.  I eat weird stuff.  At weird times.  I haven’t lost 100 pounds because one of the things that I eat a lot of is chocolate.  But that’s about it.  On any given day my diet consists of raw almonds, popcorn or sliced turkey for dinner, and dark chocolate for snacks.  Sometimes I eat Wheat Thins, too, just to mix it up a little.  But Cori cooks every meal, including breakfast.  So it’s harder to skip stuff.  I bet I’ve gained 50 lbs. since I’ve been here.  Plus, I have real “double cream” for my coffee.  It’s delicious.  And Scott bought me Hobnobs when he went to the store, which are the best cookie in the world.  They are dark chocolate covered crispy oatmealish-graham-crackerish goodness.

Asher is only eight months old, so he hasn’t gotten much mention in my adventures.  He is sure a cutie-pie.  He hasn’t learned to crawl, yet, but is mobile, just the same.  He does a little caterpillar-like maneuver, to get around.  He is already starting to pull himself up on stuff, though, and may just skip the crawling thing in general.  Who needs it?

I sure did miss my dog on my trip.  We played the “animal game” with the boys (basically 20 questions but you have to pick an animal) and when it was my turn to think of an animal they got it in 3 questions.  Does it have fur?  Yes.  What size is it?  Medium.  Is it Arthur?  Yes.  Cori said “Well, you have Arthur on the brain.”  We also made ornaments one day to pass the time on a snow day, and I made Cori a very cute ornament.  Guess which one I made?

Somehow Scott didn't make it into a photo on here.  He looks the same.  Just kidding.  Here's one.

Thanks, Anderbergs, for the amazing time.  I miss you so much, already!  Love you tons!

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