Friday, December 24, 2010

What Arthur did on vacation...

With the holiday approaching, I’m doing my best to keep my mind off it, trying to focus on what I’m thankful for and the blessings that I have in my life, and not think about how sad I am as much as possible.  FOCUS!  It’s almost over!

So I thought that for today I would tell you some funny stories about my fella, since that’s what’s been making me smile the most these days.

Arthur and I missed our first class after I got back from my London trip because I was so sick.  So I didn’t get the scoop from Michele, our trainer, about how things went while I was gone until last Saturday.  (While I was gone Arthur split his time between his second family, the Schneiders, where he was spoiled rotten, and at Michele’s, where he got some intensive training, and had to work his butt off). 

Apparently, he met the girl of his dreams.

Lover Boy is on the right.
Also, Michele took him to Chick-fil-A.  She said that he had been having a rough day, and she could tell that he just “wasn’t feeling it”, so she decided to leave him in the car.  She drives an SUV that has her dog training business logos on the widows.  So she and her kiddos go inside to get something to eat and Arthur starts his normal high pitched barking (“Hey, guys?!  Umm, Guys?!  You forgot me!  You forgot me!  I’m still in here!  How could you go in there without me?!  You’re probably getting great snacks!  I’m hungry!  Not fair!  Guys?!”).  At which point he moves to the drivers seat and discovers how to honk the horn.  He LAYS on that horn.  Everyone inside Chick-fil-A goes over to the window to see the tiny white dog in the big SUV honking the horn.  Michele is telling him he’s a bad dog, but he has it figured out that he’s getting lots of attention from doing this, so he just keeps honking.  So, she starts laughing and eventually they went out and got him because he wouldn’t stop.  Yes, I have a very obstinate little dog, much to the entertainment of all the Chick-fil-A customers.  I wish there was a video.

Also, remember how I told you that on the rare occasion that he doesn’t get to come with me he sticks his head out of the blinds to watch me leave?  Ellie had a photo of it and just sent it to me. 

What would I do without this bundle of comfort?  I’m so grateful.

Merry Christmas, Love Noel and Arthur

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  1. this made me smile so much .. love you two