Sunday, December 12, 2010

Silly things that make me happy

I’ve been home from England for a few days, and I’ve been sleeping remarkably well given the fact that A) I’m an insomniac.  B) I’m a widow.  C) I have jet lag.  D) I have a REALLY bad cold.  I’m not sure if I picked up the cold from the recycled air in the airplane or from the eight-year-old nephew who wasn’t feeling great and liked to pick his nose and then hold hands with me while we were in the city the day before.  Either way, totally worth it.

The funny thing is, Arthur is wondering why I came home from England barking like a dog.  He’s wondering if I’m trying to speak his language and haven’t quite figured it out yet.  We’ve spent our free time laying in bed snuggling.  I missed him so much and he is pretty much glued to my side.  I think he missed me, too.

My parents came to pick me up from the airport and brought the dog in with them (one of the benefits of the vest for the service dog- he can go in to the airport!).  I have to admit that when I saw him it was hard for me to greet the humans first!

I am in general doing SO much better than I was before I left.  Here are a few silly things (besides my dog) that make me happy:

Psyche.  I have loved this show since the very beginning.  Sean, the main character, reminds me so much of my Bubba and his style of humor that it’s like I’ve hung out with him for an hour.  If you want to laugh out loud than I seriously recommend watching it.

I got a new kitchen faucet.  My landlord finally broke down and replaced it.  Who knew that actually being able to rinse the soap off your hands and rinse dishes without having to use the sprayer could make one want to sing hymns? 

Mucinex.  I have an incredible immune system.  I rarely get sick.  I can’t even remember the last time I had a cold like this.  I don’t think they had mucinex yet.  I’m enjoying picturing the little green men inside my lungs being uprooted when I cough.  I wish I knew how to “hawk a loogie,” though; this is one of those skills that I never learned, and think it might be too late, like whistling (I can’t do that, either.).

If only Mucinex cured boredom, too (I’m bored of laying in my bed), what I really need is a Psyche marathon on TV!  I should go down and do dishes in my new sink…


  1. Further evidence of our mutual awesomeness: I own seasons 1-4 of Psych. o_O

  2. Absolutely love Psyche...the take outs at the end are great!

  3. @Addie...I think I knew you loved them, too. I'm not sure how. Probably just assumed because of our mutual awesomeness.

    @Rosalie...I completely agree. I think the psycheouts are the best part. It makes me wonder how they get any work done, if they're having that much fun.