Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cramping my Style

I’m sick.  The kind of sick where you eat one soda cracker and it makes your tummy make those rumbly gross sounds for the next hour and a half.  Where you feel like it will help everything if you can just hold your breath, then let it out in one long sigh.  Where people offer you yummy treats that you usually love, “Cadbury mini egg?  Your favorite?” and you say “No, thanks.” And they say, “Whoa.  You must really be sick.”

So I’ve been on a strict diet of crackers and sprite.  I throw in the occasional coke, just to mix it up.  And I’m drinking lots of water, to stay hydrated.  It’s been three days, so I’m looking very svelte, which is a nice bonus.  If you have to feel like crap, at least you get to be skinny out of the deal.  I’m wondering how long this is going to last, though, I have a house to pack up, and it’s cramping my style.

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