Monday, March 21, 2011

List Maker

I’m a list maker.  I can’t explain it, but actually writing a list on paper, (not on a phone or a computer) and then using a pen to scratch off items is incredibly satisfying to me.  On days that I feel particularly overwhelmed, I’ve been known to add items that I do on a daily basis, just to make myself feel like I’ve already accomplished so much.  For instance:

Brush Teeth
Make Coffee
Put on Makeup (Including EYE LINER)
Take Photos for blog
Post Blog
Finish Packing Kitchen

Look how manageable my day looks!  I’ve already accomplished five of the seven things I needed to do today!

Anyway, I am very encouraged about my packing process.  On Saturday night I made a list of all of the rooms/closets left to pack, and there were eight.  I now have that down to four, and the bathroom can’t be done till the last day.  (I already have most of the non-essential stuff done in there.)  I don’t feel this overall sense of doom like I did before my list.  Phew.

I also want to say that I have had help, encouraging help, from friends and loved ones, that just make it even possible for me to do this stuff.  Because the moving is emotionally charged for me, and I don’t know where it’s going to come from (I’m going through the linen closet where there’s medicine and I need to throw stuff out and all the sudden I’m having to throw away all of Sawan’s breathe-right strips and old prescriptions.  That sucked.), it’s hard to motivate to do it by myself, and if there’s just someone else there next to me, or even in the next room, it feels manageable.  I’m just so thankful.

The Fella with the flower.
Daffodil?  Day lilly?
One more thing I’m thankful for?  Spring!  Day lilies have popped up in my backyard (at the rental, so there’s not much time left to enjoy them, but I’ll take it!).  At least, I thought that’s what I remembered them being from last year, but they look a lot like a daffodil to me.  I don’t so much have the green thumb…

So, now I can go mark "Post Blog" off my list for today!  Hip!  Hip!


  1. That does look like a daffodil. I love yellow flowers. They make me so happy.

    Good luck on your move. I can't wait to see pictures of your new place. :)

  2. Daffodil! It's a bulb (like tulips, hyacinth, & crocus), and it comes up in the EARLY spring. Day lilies are a perennial with yellow-green leaves (not blue-green) that are longer and grow into a pouf. I'm a little excited about spring, because I DO have a green thumb that I love to use.

    Also, I remember throwing away all our condoms. Bitterly, as in "I'll never need YOU again. Stupid purchase that didn't work and now I'm pregnant and why did I buy the box at COSTCO?!"

    But I still have some chapstick of his. His lips touched it. I cannot throw it out. I cannot find it either, but I know I didn't toss it.