Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fight Club?

This whole blogging thing is totally new to me.  I never really read blogs before I had one.  Now I’m obsessively thinking about blogs all the time, looking for fun ones to follow, wishing some of my more entertaining friends would just start writing one already (because if I’m doing it, then they should be, too, right?).

I wonder, though, if even this post is taboo, like you’re not supposed to talk about it.  You’re not supposed to mention the word “blog” on your blog.  Like fight club.  The first rule of fight club is that you don’t talk about fight club.

I’m also finding that I’m having a bit of a hard time with knowing exactly how to edit myself.  Sometimes I think, “Can I really say that?”  Plus, I don’t exactly know who is reading this.  So when people say stuff to me that is the WRONG thing, I usually deal with it by being sweet, but I want to say, “Oh, no you DIDN’T.  See you on the blog.”  But if they’re reading it are they going to have their feelings hurt?  Does it matter?

These are things that I’m wrestling with.

In an effort to find really great blogs for research, though, would some of you who are reading this take a minute to post a link to some of your favorite blogs in my comments here?


  1. In the spirit of honesty, I'm going to "out" myself as one of your readers. We have lots of funny connections, but I'm not sure if you know me. I was friends with Ellie from Faith E. Karen (her brother is married to your sister) and I are good friends. And Addie's sister is married to MY brother. Whew - you tracking? Anyway, I followed a few links one lazy Sunday and here I am... hooked. I know what you mean about blogs; they are an awkward indulgence. But know that I am enjoying you writing and following your story wholeheartedly!

  2. @Janelle, of course I know you! Do you remember that I used to babysit you all the time? Maybe you were too little. Plus, our parents were friends at BBC, even before Faith E. So we go way back. Thanks for reading, and I checked out your blog, it's so cute! Let me know if there's other good ones I should be reading.
    @"cold", everybody's doing it.

  3. A little different kind of blog but one that I've followed for a lonnnnnng time (thanks to my sister!)

    Along those same lines I was really drawn to this one just because of the URL: