Friday, October 8, 2010


I have been thinking that, since I have a readership of, like my friend Addie says, tens of you, and some of you (and this makes me feel really cool) are total strangers, and don’t have access to my Facebook page or Sawan's, it might be nice if you had some images of the people I talk about most.  So here’s a small gallery of photos for you.

Sawan was the fisherman extraordinaire.  This photo doesn’t really do justice to the caliber of fisherman that he was, but I had literally thousands of pictures to choose from (he had a picture of nearly every fish he ever caught) so I chose one that showed what his face really looked like.

This is one of my favorite photos of Sawan.  It’s from Summer 2008 at Pirate’s cove.  I love it because it shows what kind of man he was, not afraid to look silly, just wanting to be inclusive.  He had it on his Facebook page with the caption “My awesome nephews, Bridger and Caid.”

In love in San Francisco, 2007. 

Our wedding in Mexico, July 1, 2007.

This is Arthur.  The best dog in the world.


  1. I love the one on your FB page of you and him the best.

  2. I love it all. He's a very handsome fella, and the one with the goggles is my favorite, but I'm always partial to guys who are good with kids.

  3. Noey, you are an excellent writer. I look forward to seeing where this blog will go. Please try to remember the little people when it is hundreds or thousands and not just tens.