Monday, January 31, 2011

Jeggings and other nonsense

I seem to be taking a little heat for my jeggings choices.  Ummmm, they’re just jeans that are slightly more fitted, and go into my tall boots with no problems.  I felt that I needed to defend myself.  They are not, let me make it clear, the kind that look like sweat pants that you see on the infomercial.  (side note:  I got a hit from google on “old navy jeggings” and thought “Oh, COME ON!” and also, the same day, one from google on “widow sex.”  In my world that’s a misnomer.)

I had a great, low-key weekend where several things happened that just made me feel special and loved.  My uncle was in town from Lake Tahoe, and I didn’t know that he read my blog until he told my dad that he wanted to take Ellie (my sis) and I on a lunch date and he didn’t care about "my rack."  (see comments from Dating? )  My cousins were there, too, and it’s just always so fun to be with them.
The cousins and sis

The other fun thing is a friend of mine is doing a project where he’s painting 30 portraits in 30 days, and asked people to send in photos and he would paint your portrait.  Mine came up this weekend, and it’s fabulous!  


  1. Thanks for the spotlight on the painting. They all feel so rushed. It is hardest to quickly paint people you like and yours was VERY hard ;)

    Good sleep and pleasant dreams to you.

    ~ Rick


    You're cute. I bet you're even cute in jeggings, and if I cannot tease you about that, I'll have to go back to the bitchy pills and a crabby ass. :) I would love a pair of jeans that tucked into my boots, but I fear for what they would do to my rear! You're lucky that yours did nice things. The only jeggings I've ever seen were on Conan O'Brien.

    In related news, I recently stabbed myself in both eyes. Love you!

  3. Jeggings rule. Don't let anyone tell ya different.

  4. @Rick, is there a better website for Fairway Studios that I can put on here?

    @Addie, all in good fun, and I want you to know that jeggings do good things for my rear, but I would never dream of baring my midriff. Highlight the good things....

    @Cori, Agreed. Love.