Thursday, January 13, 2011


Yesterday I finished a really awesome “retreat” for the company that I do education for as a hairstylist.  I had a really great time.  I had taken a year off, a leave of absence, because it’s my experience that you may know “this much” (hold your arms wide apart) but when you’re on stage it shrinks to “this much” (hold your hands about 6 inches apart)…when you add “widow brain” to the mix, it becomes “this much” (hold your fingers about a quarter of an inch apart).  So I wasn’t “representing” the way I should be when I tried to teach a few times last fall as a new widow.

So anyway, it was so nice to see all my friends that I only see at the retreat every year, and so validating that everyone was so happy to have me back.  We did some really awesome stuff, like we had a group of people come to help us on our presentation skills, and they filmed us.  I look a lot like Penelope from Saturday Night Live on camera.  A lot of “umms” and dancing around, playing with my hair or something.  I need to work on looking more confident and definitely being more interesting!

If I’m really being honest, the true highlight of the weekend for me?  They feed us.  I was just reflecting on this. 

Breakfast:  Scrambled eggs, fruit salad, turkey bacon and coffee.
Snack:  Blueberry muffin, bottled water
Lunch:  Two different salads, one that had blue cheese and walnuts (yum!), sea bass, and roasted vegetables, a cup of corn chowder and cheesecake for desert
Snack:  Oatmeal chocolate chip cookie

Breakfast:  Does a latte count?  It has milk, right?
Lunch:  piece of string cheese
Snack:  handful of raw almonds
Dinner:  Green Giant steamed broccoli with cheese sauce

This place is a dump.  I wanna go back.

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  1. Ah, food. How I love you so!
    Glad you enjoyed yourself, but I hate hate HATE seeing myself on film. I'm always shocked at how weird I act, and I think "How can anyone else stand me?" Of course, the last time I really saw myself on film was when I was 13 in a home movie.

    That might have something to do with it.