Monday, April 18, 2011


I’ve been obsessively cleaning my new house, trying to get it in some kind of shape for my boxes to arrive on Monday morning.

I went in on Friday after my closing and took a look around and thought “Oh, no.”  It was filthy.

My mom and I spent 2 ½ hours that afternoon cleaning in the kitchen.  My mom got the fridge done (but not the freezer) and I got the outside of 4 cabinets done.  And the dishwasher.  It’s covered with that greasy grimy dirt that you have to scrub and scrub.  My friends Sara and Linda stopped by to help and they had better luck in the living room, they got it finished.

Rockin' the living room
Working on the fridge...

Then on Saturday I went over and cleaned for about 4 hours, and all I got done was the master bedroom and the bathroom.  Every square inch has to be wiped down.  Walls.  Baseboards.  Windows.  Ceilings have to be dusted.  It’s crazy.  While cleaning the bathroom, I lost track of how many times I scrubbed the bathtub after 5.  I kept thinking “How many times is it gonna take before I’m willing to stand in here without flip-flops on?”  So I’d scrub it again.  I’m not exaggerating when I say that I used almost the entire thing of comet.  But, now it’s white.

Ok, this is sort of the before shot.  I took this after I had scrubbed once and let it soak overnight with bleach.

After.  It's white!

And my favorite cleaning story so far?

Sunday, a bunch of friends came over to help do the kitchen and laundry room.  Nick, Faith, Kelly, Amy and Cassidy.  We found something in every cabinet.  There were Milky Way bites that who knows how old they were.  There was a bag of chips.  There were numerous keys to cars and other things that I have no idea what they’re for.  There were photographs and poems taped to the inside of cabinets.  But most of all, there was this:



  1. Hi there, I just came across your blog by doing a google search. I am considering blogging myself but wanted to get the opinion from another blogger about privacy. Does blogging about your personal life and feelings ever make you feel vulnerable? The things I'd like to write about are deeply personal and would want to be anonymous but is that the way to go? Just curious. Thanks for your time.

  2. So... the douches left behind a douchebag?! That is really gross. And funny. And I'm THE SAME WAY when it comes to cleaning. The before/after bathroom shots make me a little sick and a whole lot proud of you.

    Funny how much more you're willing to clean when it's YOURS. Congratulations! And did all that cleaning help your emotional state or make it worse? Or did you just get mad that he's getting out of it? :)

  3. I'm coming out of lurkdom because I'm so impressed with your before and after of the bathtub. When I saw the "sort-of before" I thought "holy crap." The after shot makes me think you're amazing. I found your blog through Addie's, and also I remember you from high school. I was glad when you chose the old house over the condo in a safer neighborhood.

  4. The cleaning and moving part is so exhausting. We've been in our home since last September and still have 3 unfinished rooms. It take so long to settle in and make everything the way that we want it. Will you be painting?