Monday, April 25, 2011

Photos: New House

This is the stairway, which I love.  I just had to post a photo.  There’s glass brick there, and also in the living room, which seems to follow me wherever I go.  It was in my little condo, and in my first shop.  I really like glass brick, and with how close the houses are together right here, it’s great for privacy.

This is the living room.  I’ve already re-arranged the furniture once (completely swapped the “living room” and “dining room”) and I’m still not sure that I love it, but for now it works ok.
Arthur wanted to be in the photo.  He's such a ham.

This is the kitchen.  It’s the only room that’s really very done.  That’s because Ellie and I worked on this first so that I could have coffee on my first morning (priorities!), and then my mom came over and finished it while I was at work (my dad did the locks and put together the table and the dryer vent while she was unpacking.  They’re pretty awesome.).  I love this little exposed shelf, so that you can see all of my colorful Fiestaware dishes.
The drawers all close by themselves.  It's awesome.
Sawan was NOT crazy about my colorful taste.
This is the den.  Also known currently as the “scary room.” 
WAY too much stuff!
This is my very clean upstairs bathroom.  I love the “damask” stuff that’s so hip right now and am really trying to make sure that it doesn’t look like someone puked damask print all over my house.
I know, I know, you're never supposed to have a toilet in a photo.  Sue me.
This is my bedroom.  I’m about 80% done unpacking in here, but the bed is done and the closet is mostly done and the TV is set up, so I don’t really care that much anymore.  When I went to put away the stuff in the closet, I have all of these organizers that go on the shelves that every closet I’ve ever used has had, and there wasn’t one (because of the gabled ceilings that I love).  I panicked a little.  My sister was helping me and she said “Well, you live in a 3 bedroom by yourself.  Use one of the shelves in the other closets.”  Ah, the voice of reason.

This photo does no justice to the natural light I get in here.  

The backyard needs a little love.  It’s more like “the backdirt.”  The grass is all dead.  At some point I think I’m going to xeriscape.  This is a popular thing to do in Colorado; it uses very little water and is low maintenance.  So I’m thinking about taking a class.  My favorite thing about the backyard is these lilacs.  There are six mature lilac bushes; they are budding but not yet bloomed.  I think they’re going to be spectacular!
Dirt and weeds.  Boo.
The lilacs.  I'll repost when they bloom!


  1. It looks wonderful! Thank goodness for all of those helping hands.

  2. Noel, I love the photos of your new home and Arthur too! :) You must be so very proud. <3

  3. So cute! I love the pink... and the LILACS!!! Oh the lilacs! Love them!

  4. I'm going to Photoshop a toilet in ALL my photos from now on...

    And a word about xeriscaping: it can make a yard very very hot, but not when done right/well/whatever. I have no experience with it other than thinking "DEAR LORD! That was warm," when walking through one of the few examples round these here parts.

    I hope you're having so much fun getting settled and having coffee! Mom laughed at me when I took out my espresso machine and actually caressed it tonight, but no one makes coffee I can drink like I do, baby.