Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Welcome Home

He’s home!

I got to talk to him yesterday for just a minute, and my emotion took me by surprise.

Gabe:  Hi, Noey.
Noel:  (trying to talk) *sob*

I was just so relieved.  I got emotional when I got the word he was back in the states and safe, so it surprised me that I cried again when I talked to him.  It made me feel embarrassed, like a wuss.

This was his third time over there.  It was his first time, though, since I was a widow, since I knew exactly what his risk would mean for my sister in law if he didn’t come back.  I was scared out of my mind this time.

But, he did come back.  He’s safe.  He’s home.  He’s a hero (and so is she).

I'm breathing much easier.

Welcome home, Bubba.


  1. How wonderful! So glad for everyone's sake. And I would have cried too. Hell, I'm crying now.

    Damn pregnancy hormones...

  2. Thanks for serving Gabe! And all of your family too. Love you Noel, thanks for the great post! Love you!!