Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Half an Hour?

So here’s a little insight into Noel’s brain.  I’m obsessive about anything that I do.

So, now that I’m blogging, I do it obsessively.  I’ve actually had to sit myself down and have a talk with myself about not obsessing about it.  Like “Noey, you don’t have to be the best blogger in the whole world.  You don’t have to post every five minutes.  This is a hobby.  Stats don’t count.”  So I’ve changed my language, even in my own head, about having “goals that I’ve set for myself” for blogging and let myself think more of guidelines, like “it is helpful for you to have a routine.”  So if I want to post three days a week, then it’s helpful for me to sit down and write that often, but I can let myself off the hook if I don’t feel up to it that day.  I don’t have to do it.  Yes, I was setting goals for my hobby.  Yes, I’m that big of a dork.

Also, I watched a movie last weekend where the scenario was the guy was being a major d-bag and was making fun of the girl he was on a date with and he accused her of… blogging.  I thought “Oh, no!  Is it seriously un-cool to blog?”  I’m worried.

Sorry, that was a side-note.  Back to my story here.  So I obsess.  I obsessively check my “stats.”  For those of you non-bloggers, you can see how many people are reading your blog, and where they are coming from (both countries and how they’ve found you on the web) and fun stuff like that.  So I mostly get hits from people that I know, people that are friends on Facebook, other friends' blogs, or from other widows that are searching either google or networked blogs for “widow blogs.” 

I’m telling you all of this, though, because I got a hit from google that I just had to share.  When I get google hits it tells me what they searched for, and I got one yesterday that said “How long to wait after drinking coffee shoveling snow.”  I find this hilarious.  I didn’t know that drinking coffee and shoveling snow were like swimming pools and food.  I feel sorry for whoever was looking for this, because they didn’t find the answer on my blog.  But, if it’s the same, then I’d say a half an hour.


  1. Noel this made me laugh a lot at the end.. I love your writing style. Keep it up!!

  2. I'm glad that you finally got to where you were going with this post, it made me laugh. I needed a good laugh this morning, thanks.